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Intelligent eMobility Charging Solutions
„Made in Germany“

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” – Aristotle

The refueling of the future is called charging. That’s exactly what charging stations are needed for, whether in private or public spaces. Easy to install and use, efficient and needs-based in performance.

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Wallboxes for your home

A private wallbox is an indispensable part of eMobility and belongs to an EV or hybrid vehicle. Whether you want to install the wallbox in your garage, carport, or parking spot. We have exactly the right wallbox for every location and for every private use requirement!

All our wallboxes have one thing in common: They are quick to install and very easy to use.

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Wallboxes for your business

Wallboxes for your employees or customers not only represent your appreciation of them, but in the future will be a defining image that makes the service difference. Integrated billing systems, even in compliance with calibration regulations if desired, are of course on board.

All our wallboxes have one thing in common: They are quick to install and very easy to use.


The future of smart e-charging infrastructure starts now!

The nicest EV or hybrid vehicle is of no use if you can’t charge it. This requires a charging station. The charging process should be fast, easy, and completely straightforward. Complicated processes should happen without you noticing anything.

Why a wallbox from LRT eMobility?

Our wallboxes are thoroughly developed and designed by us, down to every single component. This enables us to react quickly and competently to developments. You think that’s good? You’re not alone: the CSA-Group thinks so too, by the way. We stand for tested quality, Made in Germany.

How is the LRT wallbox installed?

Our wallboxes are delivered pre-configured. The installation must be done by an electrician, but it is simple and quick: attach the wallbox with the help of the drilling template, connect, attach the lid – done!

What are the advantages of using it?

The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to do anything other than connect the wallbox’s permanently installed charging cable to your vehicle. The wallbox takes care of everything else for you: Things like charging management, charging optimization, etc. take place in the background. You don’t have to think about it at all.

Our wallboxes – simply sustainably good!

Air pollution control is in our company name – we take things one step further with our wallboxes: short delivery routes and complete production at our company headquarters. This allows us as a company to contribute our share to climate protection and can say: our wallboxes are simply sustainably good!

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